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Students in graduation cap and gowns facing forward.
Students wearing college sweaters and holding college pennants
Three students holding college pennants to Harvard, UPenn, and Yale.
Students in lab coats in front of Genentech building
Students in blue lab coats and clear googles.
Varsity volleyball players at the net
Students at the college fair holding up college info packets
Students, teachers, staff, and guest holding hands and dancing in a circle
Students in class raising their hands
CNA students posing with their certifications

ICA Cristo Rey Academy is a vibrant college preparatory high school in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District that transforms girls into confident young women empowered to realize their full potential; intellectually, professionally, and spiritually.


Mission & Philosophy

For 141 years, ICA Cristo Rey Academy has educated young women in San Francisco to become people of prayer, study, community, and service. We prepare the next generation of young women leaders by offering an excellent academic curriculum, a unique corporate work-study experience, and the support of our spiritual community.








10 million

in grants & scholarships earned by
the class of 2024


earned admissions to college & universities by the class of 2024


Where are our Spartans now?

Taking our students to and through college.

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From Our Community

Rebecka Mae Apolinario, '11

"Because ICA is an all-girls school, I was able to be more comfortable in my own skin. I had a small class of 54 students and we were all so close. Coming from a really big co-ed middle school, it can be hard to figure out who you are. But ICA helped me grow in confidence and discover my strengths."

Angelina Brand ('13)

"ICA taught me that girls truly are powerful. I was definitely really shy before I went to ICA and put a lot of worth on what boys thought of me. Going to ICA I was able to fully be myself, a little weirdo. I could be silly, just be with my girlfriends, and not worry about guys, which was really good for me. So I don't think I would have been the person that I am today if I weren't given a safe space to just be myself."

Alex Perez ('09)

"The benefits of an all-girls education is having a high level of self-confidence and leadership. At ICA, we were allowed to find strength in feminism and embrace female empowered learning through the curriculum. This allowed me to be my authentic self without the constant fear of being judged or bullied. At ICA, everyone was so comfortable with themselves and with each other."

Gloria Ruiz ('13)

"It was a great opportunity to have all the jobs that we were offered through the Corporate Work Study program. I knew early on what it was like being in the business sector and working for different companies. There is this learning curve that most people experience in their first few years of being in the corporate world. Since I went through that learning period in high school, it definitely eased the transition into my career."

Arlette Molina ('93)

"ICA is a sisterhood. To me sisterhood means being comfortable in this space, being around like-minded people, and being able to form bonds with other women. We all had different stories and lives, but we always had each other's backs. If we needed something, there was always someone who was like, I got you, girl. I’m grateful for the handful of friends who have been with me since day one and continue to be my sisters for life."

Laura Barragan ('20)

"ICA really taught me how to network. As difficult as it was in high school, when I went into college I already knew how to have interpersonal relationships with people at work and public speaking skills too. I already had a good bit of those and so now that I'm starting to apply to jobs, it made it a lot easier to find. I also had an easier time communicating with my higher-ups. When I would do it at ICA, it felt intimidating but I came out of it with so much experience doing that."



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