Spartan Makes the News

Excited to share her successes, Jessica sat under the lights, getting mic'd up. “Students Rising Above has been a great resource for me,” she said. Introduced to the program by a friend of her ICA Cristo Rey Varsity Basketball coach, Jessica applied to the program. The program (among other things) helps facilitate her future college success. They paid for two of her flights to visit colleges, and will pay for a laptop, printer, and dorm supplies when she starts college.

Jessica said that KPIX “wanted to feature me at my job that I have through the school. They were interested in our program, and how I got the job.” When asked about how her work at Kaiser has motivated her to go into healthcare Jessica’s response was practical: “Being in a healthcare company has helped with perspective and skills that could transfer. I appreciate what I’m learning because I’m interested in Mental Health as a career.

Of the interview,  Jessica related, “It was an interesting experience. At school I get the chance to talk in front of people a lot because of my leadership position, but to know I was going to be on TV was different. Mr. Olinger [ICA’s Director of Corporate Work Study] was there and got to share a bit. I’m looking forward to seeing how they edit all the parts together. The producer said it should be out in late April.”

Here is the segment!



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