Athletics and the Self

Recently our Varsity Basketball Coach, Nicole Dinas, was selected as a National Finalist from among 1,000 nominees for the Positive Coaching Alliance Double Goal Coach Award. The “Double Goals” the award focuses on are winning and teaching life lessons. It’s no accident Coach Nicole has been recognized for her years of successful leadership. Coach Sideco thinks it’s about time: “I think we [ICA Cristo Rey] have been ahead of the curve. Now everyone is catching up to us!

“As a community we have always advocated for women, women in sports, and the underserved. We have always looked toward developing our program through an access and equity lens.” Listening to Carolyn, her passion for athletics and our students shines through, as does her commitment to winning. For her and her department, winning is not only the score at the end of a game or the record at the end of the season--it is also an attitude toward life. Carolyn wants none of our young women to settle for a loss--to “ take the L,” in the parlance of our students--but instead to strive toward growth at every opportunity. In recent years the Athletics Department has used tools provided by the Positive Coaching Alliance in training and workshops to support coaches as they help our students navigate their formation as a whole person.

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