Five Spartans shine in Riordan’s Spring Musical

The cast of 24 students, including ICA Cristo Rey Seniors Alexis Balocating, Rita Sorrentino, Audrey Lai, Junior Eva Moody, and Sophomore Isabella Rivera-Gonzalez, along with students from Archbishop Riordan, and Mercy High School in SF, enjoyed the opportunity to take on large themes. Mr. Callaghan shared this reflection with the ICA Cristo Rey Faculty before the opening: “Both parody and satire, it flips every musical theatre convention on its head, poking fun at archetypes and happily-ever-afters. In preparation for the production, I’ve been reminded about the play’s deep social justice commentary, and I’m looking forward to connecting it to Catholic Social Teaching for our audiences.”

In his Director’s Notes, he continued, “Silly title aside, the show echoes our call as followers of Jesus to fight for justice. In fact, four of the seven themes of Catholic Social Teaching are exemplified clearly in Urinetown. The corrupt Mr. Cladwell violates the Life and Dignity of the Human by placing a tax on one of our most basic needs. This denies the townspeople of another central teaching of Catholic Social Justice: Option for the Poor and Vulnerable, as well as the teaching of Rights and Responsibilities. Social Justice can also be seen as Bobby unites the poor to protest the immoral tax. These connections mirror the teachings of our faith.

…but yes, it’s a terrible title.”

Here is a clip of the cast doing an encore presentation at ICA Cristo Rey’s Art’s Night.