Senior presents at SF State cultural event

Iberoamerica is a term identifying the Spanish and Portuguese -speaking Americas and countries on the Iberian Peninsula who share a common culture experience. Emily presented along with SF State students. The presentations were informative and artistic. “Some were students, sharing a final essay and getting graded that evening. There were professors sharing their work and photographs of Cathedrals,” Emily recalled in awe of the event.

The experience began for Emily nearly a year ago. ICA Cristo Rey Spanish teachers Jimena Kirk and Martha Sanchez had encouraged Emily to offer a poem in one of SF State’s publications, El Canto. “Ms. Kirk suggested I read and present it first,” said Emily. On choosing the piece to submit and present, she said, “I was the most proud of that poem.” She received a letter from the Spanish Department at SF State in gratitude shortly after the event, and she was invited to participate again next year.

“It was really enriching. You don’t get to hear those perspectives every day. There was so much community.” Of her entry for next year, Emily went on to say, “I might present a compilation of poetry. That’s the idea for now, especially since I’ll be attending SF State then.”

About the Poem: Through artful metaphors, the poem discusses gaining knowledge as flowers in the garden of the mind, and through learning, which can be a gentle rain or deluge, what is known blooms or dies, thus becoming nourishment for the new growth that is understanding.

Las Flores en El Jardín de Mi Cerebro

Poco a poco las flores en el jardín de mi cerebro
Florecen con el amanecer
Cuando los rayos de conocimiento cosquillean los pétalos tiernos e ingenuos.
Poco a poco las flores en el jardín de mi cerebro
Se fortalecen después de los diluvios de la vida
Mientras todo su alrededor se desploma con una mera llovizna.
Poco a poco las flores en el jardín de mi cerebro
Empezarán a madurar y a marchitarse
En el momento que el sol pare de alumbrarlas con su sabiduría
Y los diluvios descompongan las raíces asegurados con trenzas de esperanza.
Poco a poco las flores en el jardín de mi cerebro
Darán luz a las semillas de la vida nueva
Y terminarán de emitir su maravilloso aroma que atrae uno en búsqueda de intelecto.

Poco a poco las flores en el jardín de mi cerebro
Irán decayendo
Hasta dar su último suspiro en el cual terminaran su ciclo de vida
En el mismo puesto que empezaron.

Sembradas en el jardín
De mi cerebro.

~ Emily Galeas