Students Embrace Another CWSP Opportunity

Carefully prepared, the students presented utilizing Powerpoint as a tool. After her presentation at Accenture, Senior Alizah Manag wanted to thank John Del Santo, Senior Managing Director, Head of Accenture’s US West Region, and Stacy Blanchard, a Senior Executive and the Global Lead for Culture Community of Practice. Alizah said, “Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to listen to the ICA Interns’ presentations. It truly means a lot that I was able to present to you both what Accenture has offered me and taught me. It was a great pleasure.”

The students were supported in their presentations by the CWSP staff at ICA Cristo Rey. The girls shared a little about themselves before moving into a brief history of their work experience, their accomplishments at this year’s placements, and then a look at “what’s next” for them. Their assignments this year were in departments including marketing, billing, catering, facilities, senior care, and compliance. Students presented at Accenture, Advanced Clinical, and AT&T (who sponsored a job at the St. Anthony Foundation).

For the presentations at Mills Peninsula Hospital, part of the Sutter Health Network, the supervisors held a special dinner for the interns and the families, as well as ICA Cristo Rey staff and Mills Peninsula colleagues. Through an innovative system, Mills Peninsula rotated each of the interns through four different departments. The big “a-ha” moment for our students was discovering a hospital is not just doctors and nurses.

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