And They’re off!

Read more: At the end of summer, in preparation for the new school year, the Student Council came together to workshop a plan for the year. Their day of workshop and retreat began in community with games and brainstorming. Pamela Cabotaje, one of four Associated Student Body (ASB) Executive Officers sharing the leadership for the school as a whole, shared, “I’m excited to be able to mentor. I’ve been on Student Council all four years so I’m looking forward to getting the Frosh officers involved early their with elections after the first quarter. I’m very thankful to have Mr. Callaghan--he comes with a plethora of experience, and I’m thankful to be working with him.” 

Greg Callaghan, the Student Activities Director and Student Council moderator, helped the students prepare a theme for the year. After some conversation, the group decided on “20/20 Vision” in reference to the graduation year and the opportunity to look at things through different lenses. In the year’s opening rally, students had to literally use a different lens to complete one of the challenges, sorting cards wearing kaleidoscope goggles.

Ann Miller, one of ICA Cristo Rey’s board members, continued the workshop in the afternoon with an in-service session on leadership. Some lessons were very practical (such as creating an agenda for all to see prior to a meeting) and others more theoretical (like handling conflict and responsibility). Pamela summed it up: “She talked about the idea of shared responsibilities and how ‘equal’ doesn’t always mean ‘fair,’ so the upper classes need to take the lead and carry more of the ‘weight.’”

Mr. Callaghan had this to say about his current Student Council: “These students are invested! They set three goals for the year: to increase attendance at school events, to increase school pride, and for all students to show they have grown and matured in the school year, in whatever way that manifests itself. They really want students to be proud of going to ICA Cristo Rey.”

We’re looking forward to “seeing” what our student leaders have in store for the school.

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