Alpha Girls at ICA Cristo Rey

On Wednesday, November 6, 2019, Julian Guthrie, author of the book Alpha Girls accompanied by Sonja Perkins, one of four women featured in the book, visited ICA Cristo Rey to discuss the book and offer perspectives.  Sonja is the founder of Broadway Angels and Glimmer Project, an organizational partner of our school. Sonja generously gifted a copy of the book for each student and faculty member in May, so our students read the book over the summer. The student body prepared questions, and our emcees, senior Karina Montiel and sophomore Micaiah Acosta, facilitated the conversation, which moved from contextual to practical.

Sonja Perkins shared an anecdote about failure in high school, encouraging the girls to take the opportunity to fail now, while the consequences--home, job, family--were not as high-stakes. “Don’t be the perfect girl who has to get everything right, because if you’re doing everything right, it means you’re not taking risks and you really really want to take risks and have failures. Eventually, you change your goals, so you don’t fail as much, and when epic hardships come to your life--that's when you’re able to handle it because you’ve had practice,” Ms. Perkins said.

As a woman who rose to success in a very male-dominated arena, Sonja was asked about networking. Her answer: “Use the collective resources of this group--you can move mountains.  Bring each other up and help each other out.” Julian went on to talk about the impact Broadway Angels is having in terms of funding women-founded companies, sharing with our students: “You can affect and galvanize change with networks--you can think about what you want to do, for social justice, for a better future for yourselves, networks can serve lots of really important purposes in addition to fun.”

The afternoon ended with a book signing and a chance for a little one-on-one time with each of these dynamic women.

Look for more in our ICA Cristo Rey Update Magazine coming out next month.