Students respond to SF Catholic Article on ICA Cristo Rey

Catholic SF graciously removed the article from their website, and agreed to publish a Letter to the Editor from the students. That letter was recently published on the Catholic SF website, and is reprinted in full below:

Our names are Angelica Buncio, Micaiah Acosta, Jessica Ferrer and Julienne Cancio. The four of us were included in an article published in Catholic SF (“ICA Cristo Rey gives underserved girls hope for the future,” Jan. 16, 2020). When the article was released we were struck with the feeling of confusion and disappointment.


The focus of the headline, “ICA Cristo Rey gives underserved girls hope for the future,” was an initial disappointment. We do not feel underserved, but rather accomplished and proud of everything we have done. The article made it appear as if we were nothing before coming to ICA Cristo Rey as if it is our only option.


We do not go to ICA to get hope: Students are the ones who give hope to faculty and staff at ICA Cristo Rey. We thought that this article was going to be about our experience as students at ICA Cristo Rey especially about our positive work experiences and accomplishments. Instead, we were dismayed to see the focus on our families’ hardships.


Our families were conveyed as struggling and having “hard luck”; this was simply not the case for any of us. Our parents have worked too hard for our families to be labeled as “struggling.” This article left us afraid to tell our parents about it at first; we did not want them to feel what we felt. Not only did this misrepresentation affect us but it affected our parents and the people around us as well.


We appreciated your removal of the article from your website. We look forward to our continued accomplishments and to sharing them with pride with our communities.


Micaiah Acosta ‘22

Angelica Buncio ‘22

Julienne Cancio ‘21

Jessica Ferrer ‘21

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