Spartan shows friends and family how to turn time into money to support "Black Lives Matter"

A Tradition of Motivation

At the same time, we were celebrating our virtual graduation as the nation was protesting against police brutality and racial inequity. In the past, our students have participated in social justice events and over the years participated in women’s marches and stood as a school community along Guerrero Street in sisterhood to speak up about the need for better gun control laws. (include pic)

Potential in Family

It is no surprise to us then that our Spartans are participating again with tenacity. Rising junior Angelica Buncio found a way to demonstrate her care and support for Black Lives Matter through her social media. “I saw a post originally from a girl on Instagram who had decided to create an hour-long video on her YouTube channel positively representing the Black Lives Matter movement with a bunch of ads. She said she would take the revenue she gains from those ads and donate to various organizations supporting Black Lives Matter, which she did list.”For professional YouTubers, their following is large enough that companies seek out opportunities to place ads into the channel owners’ videos. The caveat is that the whole video must be watched so that the entirety of the ads are played.


“I thought, wow, we can basically donate by watching the videos without having money ourselves,” Angelica went on to say. “I know a lot of my friends and other people were trying to figure out what to do and support. I mean, I don’t have any money; I’m just a kid. I started looking around and realized a lot of other YouTubers were doing it too. So I decided to make a playlist of all the ones I’d found who will donate to Black Lives Matter and sent it to my friends and family. They said, ‘You should just share it with everyone!’ So I posted it on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook, too.”

The important part, says Angelica, is that you have to play the whole thing. “You can just have this open in another tab, and play it on mute.” She even had videos playing during her conversation about her playlists.

Still Going

“I told people I’m going to be updating it every day. It’s an easy thing and a great opportunity for people who don’t know how to help.” Her list has over 150 videos, growing exponentially over the past week. Angelica is seeing this as part of service to her bigger community: “I’ve been asking people to paste the playlist and put it in their bios. I really wanted to be able to do something.”

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