Christina Green '20

My name is Christina Marie Green and I am currently a first-year undergraduate at the University of California San Diego majoring in Political Science: International Relations and minoring in African American Studies.

Throughout zoom University I have participated in numerous opportunities due to its easy access and flexible schedules. I participated in the 2020 iLead Program, 2020-21 VOICES Leadership Program from the UCSD Women's Center, and Discover the Law Program from the UCSD Legal Service Center. Being able to learn about social justice, law, and leadership development on my off time widened my views and knowledge on various topics such as - incorporating inclusivity and diversity in leadership regarding school and workplace environments and learning about how COVID-19 forced us to confront racism and sexism in healthcare. 

I have also been able to be a part of UCSD's Speech and Debate during this winter quarter, practicing 1v1 debate and interpretative speech. Overall the first-year of undergrad studies has been a thought-provoking and eye-opening experience with more opportunities to explore!

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