CWSP Hosts a Holy Hour

The Corporate Work Study Program recently hosted its annual Holy Hour mixer in San Francisco. “This event is fun. It’s a great chance to bond with teachers as a supervisor and share our stories,” remarked Aminta Garcia, Senior Director of Quality Control Management at First Republic Bank.

“It’s great to get so many educators in the same room,” shared Bill Olinger, Director of the Corporate Work Study Program, as supervisors from our corporate partners in coeducation gathered with faculty and staff of ICA Cristo Rey gathered at Credo Restaurant in downtown San Francisco.

Ms. Garcia said, “I really enjoy talking with the staff, teachers, and counselors. We get to see the ladies in our work environments and to hear from the teachers about their [school] experiences is wonderful. I really enjoyed talking with Jimena [Kirk, Spanish teacher]. Talking about the formative transition of the ladies from freshmen to seniors, and hearing feedback from the teachers connecting to the girls is helpful and informative.”

Toward the end of the evening Bill Olinger addressed the group of supervisors: “Every one of you is helping our ladies reach their goals. Thank you for being that personal connection. Thank you for remembering that you’re more than a supervisor: you’re a mentor. Thank you for being part of our lives and our Mission.”

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