RealizED: more than a word

Teacher Spotlight: Brian Schwartze

We all have a narrative for ourselves about whether or not we’re good at math. Brian Schwartze is changing the story our students tell themselves. A new optimism is evolving in his classroom around the importance of mathematical process, not just product.

Teacher Spotlight: Kathleen Hoffman

Kathleen Hoffman has been part of ICA Cristo Rey’s Family for 30 years. In that time her spirit for justice and integrity has touched the lives of countless Spartans.

Students respond to SF Catholic Article on ICA Cristo Rey

In January of 2020, Catholic SF published a profile of four of ICA Cristo Rey’s student leaders. Those students felt that the profile misrepresented them and their families, and they reached out to teachers and administrators to express their concerns

Resolved to Support Others

Three of ICA Cristo Rey’s clubs recently sponsored giving drives to support others, but it’s not just a one-off for the season: it’s part of a culture of caring.

Guiding the Way to College

For our seniors “New Year, New You” has a whole different context as they move confidently toward their college decisions with the support of the ICA Cristo Rey guidance team.

Feast Day

ICA Cristo Rey Celebrates Its Namesake Feast

Part of the Family

ICA Cristo Rey Students Gather with Families at the Guardsmen Tree Lot

How's Your Serve?

ICA Cristo Rey's Second Annual Ping Pong Tournament Scores!
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