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President and Principal's Messages

SDA Front of ICA Cristo ReyWelcome! 
We invite you to browse and reflect on this miracle we experience daily. Learn of this unique model of Catholic, secondary education empowering young women to claim their full potential. A rich heritage urges us to proclaim the good news of deepened faith, academic excellence, and service of one another within this sisterhood of the Dominican ICA Cristo Rey family. May you be drawn to learn more about our wonderful young women, our committed faculty and staff, our value for college education supported by our Board, alumnae, and parent community.
Enjoy and we hope you will return periodically to remain in touch with us. 

Sister Diane New Signature
Sister Diane

Dr. Fornero

Welcome to ICA Cristo Rey!

We are the only affordable, all-female, Catholic, college-preparatory school with a professional work-study component in the San Francisco Bay Area!

At ICA Cristo Rey, we have high expectations for all students and a support structure in place to ensure that each student can meet these expectations. Our faculty works closely with each student and helps her develop a skill set that focuses on creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration.

The ultimate outcome of an ICA Cristo Rey education is graduation from both high school and college. During their four high school years, ICA Cristo Rey students gain a deep understanding of both themselves and the world around them. They are well prepared to think and act independently and graduate with a sense of responsibility to work for justice in our world and live a life of faith, integrity, and service.

Graduates of ICA Cristo Rey may be found on the campuses of UC Berkeley, UCLA, Georgetown, Dartmouth, USF, USC, and many other colleges, and go on to careers in medicine, law, tech/biotech, business, and many other fields of the future.

I invite you to come and visit us anytime and see the magic of ICA Cristo Rey.

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Dr. George V. Fornero