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Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 240 semester credits plus additional credits (5 credits each semester) in the Corporate Work Study Program at ICA is required for graduation. Students are required to enroll in six (6) classes and the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) each semester. Upon the successful completion of each semester course, a student will earn five credits per class. Diplomas will be withheld from seniors until they have completed all graduation requirements.

Transcripts of transfer students will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine which courses a student needs to meet ICA’s graduation requirements.

Students and parents should refer to the ICA website, which includes information about all courses offered by the school as well as the subject requirements and GPA requirements for many universities and colleges. Students and parents may also make an appointment with the Guidance Director to discuss academic planning.


Religious Studies (each year in Catholic high School) 40 Credits
English 40 Credits
Social Studies 30 Credits
Mathematics 40 Credits
World Language (three consecutive years) 30 Credits
Science 40 Credits
Physical/Health Education 20 Credits
Visual/Performing Arts 10 Credits
CWSP 10 Credits/year

Progress toward meeting ICA Cristo Reyrequirements can be accessed on PowerSchool.

Each student is required to take six (6) classes and participate in CWSP each semester. The following list indicates the recommended courses for each grade level.

Grade 9: Religious Studies I, English I, Algebra I, Algebra II Honors, Conceptual Physics, Ancient History or Academic Literacy, World Language, CWSP, Physical Education.
Grade 10: Religious Studies II, English II (Honors option), Modern World History (Honors option), Geometry, World Language (Advanced Placement option), Biology (Honors option), CWSP, Physical Education.
Grade 11: Ethics & Morality, English III (Honors option), United States History (Honors option), Pre-Calculus (Honors option), Algebra II, World Language (Advanced Placement option), Chemistry (Honors option), CWSP, Physical Education (if necessary).
Grade 12: World Religions, English IV (Advanced Placement option), United States Government/Economics (Advanced Placement option), Pre-Calculus (Honors Option), Calculus, AP Chemistry, Physics, Art I, CWSP, Physical Education (if needed). All seniors are required to deliver a themed speech to the student body.

ICA Cristo Rey Graduates Integral Student Outcomes:

Women of Prayer 

  • Who give witness to the sacredness of life and the dignity of all creation
  • Who trust in God, believe in themselves and have hope for the future
  • Who participate in communal and personal expressions of faith
  • Who strive to grow spiritually and deepen their prayer life
  • Who value diverse expressions of culture and faith

Women of Study 

  • Who are prepared for the challenges of higher education and the workplace
  • Who demonstrate critical thinking
  • Who communicate confidently, effectively and responsibly
  • Who work independently and collaboratively to solve problems
  • Who are able to bring an idea to fruition
  • Who take initiative to ask questions and seek answers
  • Who value and see the truth
  • Who recognize that learning continues throughout their lives

Women of Community

  • Who become women of integrity and personal responsibility  
  • Who create respectful personal and professional relationships
  • Who authentically engage with the ideas of others
  • Who effectively collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds in working toward common goals
  • Who value the dignity of work and workers
  • Who are competent and capable in professional work environments
  • Who, recognizing the role of technology in our world, use it effectively, responsibly and respectfully in school, in the workplace, and in their personal lives

Women of Service

  • Who are aware of local and global needs and act for social justice
  • Who understand the Gospel values that underlie giving service to others
  • Who appreciate and share their unique and powerful contributions as women
  • Who are committed to integrity and personal responsibility