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Athletics Philosophy

  • ICA Athletics exists to afford students access to the benefits of organized competitive sports, including exposure to experiences and contexts where positive character is challenged and nurtured by caring adults.
  • ICA Athletics educates female athletes in sports skills, interpersonal skills, and skills related to behaviors necessary to thrive as a contributing member of our school community. Coaches must focus on teaching sports skills within the context of the living experience of each athlete.
  • Spartan Athletes and Coaches practice sports skills as a vital educational component to personal and holistic growth. As specific eligibility regulations must be met, Spartan athletes participate on competitive teams as a privilege and not a right.


Ancient Spartans strove for excellence and underwent rigorous training and education. They also learned to function as a team and to support one another in times of crisis. Spartan women enjoyed considerably more rights and greater equality to men than women elsewhere in the classical world.  As Spartan women today, we aim for these same qualities and similar equity.