Update: March 27, 2020
In alignment with local districts and the Archdiocesan dates, ICA Cristo Rey is extending its online learning through May 1, 2020. Our current date of an anticipated return to our campus at 24th and Guerrero is Monday, May 4th.

We know this is a challenging time is for our students and families, and we appreciate your patience. We’re responding to new information all the time and will continue to update you as plans are made.




God is our mighty fortress,

Always ready to help

In times of trouble,

And so, we won’t be afraid!

(Psalm 46: 1-2)


March 17, 2020


Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,


I hope all of you are doing well during these uncertain times.  We are creating a schedule that will make learning as normal as possible for our students during this forced school closure.


Beginning on Thursday, March 19th, we will follow the attached daily class schedule (with shortened class periods).  Each lesson will be recorded so if a student is not able to “sign-in” at the scheduled time, she may view the lesson afterward.  However, each teacher will expect that an “exit ticket” is completed and submitted by midnight each day. I will follow-up with families if girls have not checked in and completed a daily exit ticket for each class.


Teachers will have office hours on either Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday afternoons between 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.  


The regular class schedule will operate Monday through Thursday.  On Fridays, girls will have the opportunity to complete assignments and email with their teachers.  Teachers will notify students (and me) if assignments are not turned in every Friday.


Students in Academic Assistance will work with either Ms. Oltranti or Ms. Nazario during their assigned period.  All students may email Ms. Ruiz with questions or concerns about assignments.


Your study hall teacher will NOT be meeting with you.  You may use this time to study or catch up on assignments.


As we do not know for sure when we will be returning back to school, we are planning that online learning will continue for the foreseeable future.  Therefore, my expectation is that girls will be in attendance daily and produce quality work. I am asking that parents work with me to see that their daughters address this online instruction seriously.  As there is a real possibility that we will be issuing semester grades and making a final determination about diplomas based upon our online instruction, it is imperative that our students do their best work.  


Please let me know if there are any problems with internet connections or accessing Google Classroom and/or PowerSchool.  Comcast is offering free internet access during the coronavirus crisis. To sign up, click on www.internetessentials.com  Or call 855.846.8376 for English and 855.765.6995 for Spanish.


This is new territory for all of us.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.  My email address is gfornero@icacademy.org   The office phone number is 415.824.2052 and my cell phone number is 847.207.6526


I will try and send weekly updates letting you know about any changes. 


Again, I ask that all of us pray for those who have had negative experiences related to the coronavirus.  May God give us comfort, strength and peace.




Dr. George V. Fornero