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ICA Cristo Rey's Safe Return

Please keep in mind this is still an evolving situation. And as more information becomes available we will update it here.

The ICA Cristo Rey Faculty and Staff are excited about working with your daughters this school year. Plans are continuing to develop.

Below are the dates for the beginning of the school year:


Week of August 17th – all activities are online

  • Wednesday, August 19th – Frosh Orientation
  • Thursday, August 20th – ALL Students – All Periods
  • Friday, August 21st – Mass of the Holy Spirit; Welcome Assembly


Week of August 24th

  • Online Schedule begins, see below.

Monday, September 7th is Labor Day which is a school holiday.

Dear Families,

Working with the San Francisco Department of Public Health, ICA Cristo Rey is developing a careful, gradual re-opening plan.  Our intent is to create an opportunity to bring our students back to campus in a safe, structured manner.

There are seven major components to the safe re-opening plan:

  • Screening everyone before entering the building
  • Everyone wearing masks (covering mouth & noses) at all times
  • Limited number of students: Only ½ of each grade (approximately 40-50 students) would be on campus at a time.
  • Class size would be limited to 12 students
  • Social distancing – everyone staying 6 feet apart from each other – would be practiced at all times
  • Frequent cleaning of surfaces (desks, door knobs, light switches)
  • Frequent hand cleaning – using hand sanitizer and hand-washing (with soap & water)


However, for all of this to successfully work, we need a commitment from parents that if you agree to send your daughter back to school, you also agree to follow the above expectations.

Two Zoom meetings are scheduled to discuss our re-opening plan with plenty of time for questions:

Thursday, October 22, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. – Zoom link in the original email to parents


Tuesday, October 27, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. – Zoom link in the original email to parents

After the meetings, you will be asked to fill out a survey if you are comfortable sending your daughter to school for in-person instruction

I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing from you at one of the two upcoming meetings.


Dr. George V. Fornero



Estimadas familias:

Estamos trabajando junto con el Departamento de Salud Pública de San Francisco, para que ICA Cristo Rey pueda abrir sus puertas de forma gradual. Nuestra intención es crear una oportunidad para que nuestras alumnas regresen a la escuela de una manera segura y estructurada.  

Hay siete componentes principales para que el plan de reapertura sea seguro:

  • Examinar a cada persona que entre al edificio
  • Todos deben usar una mascarilla (cubriendo la boca y nariz) en todo momento
  • Limitar el número de estudiantes: Solo la mitad de alumnas en cada año (aproximadamente 40-50 alumnas) estarían en la escuela al mismo tiempo
  • Limitar el número de alumnas en cada clase a 12
  • El distanciamiento social - mantenerse a 6 pies de distancia de otra persona - se debe practicar en todo momento
  • Limpieza frecuente de todas las superficies (escritorios, perillas de las puertas, interruptores de luz)
  • Limpieza de manos constante - usando gel antibacterial y lavándose las manos con agua y jabón

Sin embargo, para que el plan funcione exitosamente, necesitamos que los padres que estén de acuerdo en enviar a sus hijas a la escuela, también se comprometan a seguir las expectativas que hemos indicado arriba.

Tendremos dos reuniones a través de Zoom para hablar sobre los planes de reapertura y tendremos tiempo para responder todas sus preguntas: 

Jueves 22 de octubre, 2020 a las 6:30 p.m.-enlace proveído en el mensaje original enviado a los padres


Martes 27 de octubre, 2020 a las 6:30 p.m.- enlace proveído en el mensaje original enviado a los padres

Después de la reunión, se les preguntar preguntará si usted se siente cómodo enviando a su hija a la escuela para que reciba clases en persona.

Espero verlos y escuchar su opinión en una de las próximas dos reuniones.


Dr. George V. Fornero



One study hall per week AND Fridays will be assigned for CWSP.  During our period of distance, online learning, some students will be assigned remote work from their corporate sponsor.  Other students will be engaged with online professional development, including Microsoft Excel certification.  Assignments will be posted in Google Classroom.  Students will have the opportunity to communicate with their CWSP supervisor during an assigned study hall period and on Fridays.  

Study Hall

All students have a weekly study hall.  A teacher is assigned who will monitor grades and assignment completion.  This teacher will reach out to both the student and her parents should the student fall behind with her assignments.

Open Periods

On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, students have an Open Period.  This time may be used to meet with an individual teacher for extra help.  

Campus Ministry

As we begin the school year online, we are staying true to our roots and focusing on the four Dominican pillars: Community, Service, Study and Prayer. We will continue to begin each day in prayer and encourage everyone to submit prayer intentions. Although our Masses and Prayer Services will be online, we ask all to participate. Our hope is that when we can meet together in person, we will be able to host small group retreats. Retreats not only provide us with an opportunity to pause and reflect but also help us grow in our faith and become closer to one another. Our new Social Justice group will spearhead how we can give back and make a difference in our world today. With three main groups leading the above activities all are welcome to join: Retreats, Social Justice and Spiritual Life. These teams will assist the school in brainstorming new ideas of how to carry out these activities in our virtual world.

We welcome both Isaac Cardenas, our Mercy Volunteer, and Fatima Morales, An MSJ Dominican Candidate, who will be assisting throughout the school but also in Campus Ministry. Their expertise and enthusiasm are not to be missed.


Activities will be fluid and flexible during this school year.  ICA Cristo Rey is in constant communication with the San Francisco Department of public health and will continue to make decisions that will keep the health and wellbeing of our students, families, staff, and community in the center of all our co-curricular activities.  Until it is safe to gather in person, all club meetings and student activities will be virtual. Student Council will produce a weekly live "Monday Meeting" with important announcements and information for the week at 4:30pm.  Questions about Activities should be directed to Mr. Greg Callaghan at gcallaghan@icacademy.org 

PE & Athletics


A variety of zoom PE classes will be offered on various days at various times throughout the semester.  Ms. Lauren Bell, PE Department Chair and Athletic Director will post the course offerings, dates, and times.  These offerings may change.  Ms. Bell will also explain how many hours a girl should attempt throughout the semester.  Any questions should be directed to Ms. Bell at lbell@icacademy.org 


The California Interscholastic Federation State Office announced that the 2020-2021 sport seasons will be postponed. The start dates have been released but are subject to change in the weeks and months to come. Please visit https://www.icacristorey.org/apps/pages/athletics/welcome for more information.

Counseling Support 

The Counseling Department will continue to provide a range of counseling support services through the hybrid model. 

The academic counselor, Ms. Melissa Ruiz, will be supporting students in a variety of ways. She supports students in regard to classes, grades, asking teachers for help, time management, homework completion, and studying. All academic counseling will be conducted virtually, via google meets, zoom, email, or phone. If needed she will contact parents via email, google meets, zoom, phone calls, or mail. Monthly parent newsletter will be sent out as well. 

The college counselors, Ms. Gianna Benson, and Ms. Allyson Genger, will be supporting students through all the typical tasks to prepare them for college, but through virtual measures. They will support students with college exploration and planning, college applications, personal statements, letters of recommendation, and financial aid. All college counseling will be conducted virtually, via college prep classes, google meets, zoom, email or phone. Virtual parent meetings will be scheduled for senior and junior parents when requested. 

Personal Counseling

The Personal Counseling Department, under the direction of Ms. Arlette Molina, LMFT, will be providing social and emotional counseling support during times of heightened stress, transition, critical change, or other situations impeding student success. Along with Ms. Molina, student support will be provided with the help of Ms. Rachel Topham, a counseling volunteer, and a USF Intern to ensure students’ needs are addressed to foster resilience and student success.  While long-term counseling or therapy is not provided in a school setting, appropriate resources and referrals will be given on an as-needed basis. Personal counseling support will be provided via telephone, zoom calls, and google meet sessions. In-person appointments will be provided when necessary.