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Expectations for Students

Dress Code

  • ICA Cristo Rey Polo Shirt
  • ICA Cristo Rey cardigan or vest
  • ICA logo outerwear over the ICA polo shirt. Hoods can not be up nor other hats worn.
  • If student does not have an ICA Cristo Rey polo, either a white or blue polo or collared blouse
  • Below the waist, anything appropriate is fine.  However, we don’t want to see pajama bottoms.


Virtual Etiquette -- ALL CLASSROOMS

  • Be on time!
  • Phones away,
  • Cameras on - virtual background (if there is a problem, let us know)
  • Mic Muted
  • Find a place where you can be both comfortable and focused
  • Push yourself to participate in as many ways as you are comfortable

*If you have problems with your camera &/or Chromebook notify your teacher & Ms. Rose

Appropriate workspace (or arrange to come to school when the campus opens up again)

  • Let us know what’s going on -- if there’s a problem, let us know
Clear communication with your teacher
  • Let your teacher know if the lesson is moving too fast/too slow/if you have a question/if you’re confused (use signals to communicate -- thumbs up/thumbs down)
  • Be fully present
  • Be an active listener
protocol --students must let the teacher know the following:
  • I won’t be in class today
  • My assignment will be late
  • I can’t turn on my camera today
  • Check and respond to email two times per day
  • Check Google Classroom daily