Personal Counseling

As Director of Personal Counseling, Ms. Molina builds relationships with students and supports their social and emotional learning. With special concern to mental and emotional health, Ms. Molina is experienced in recognizing and responding to students’ needs. When a crisis arises, which may include conflicts in personal relationships, the possibility of self-harm, anxiety, and depression, Ms. Molina will provide support and assistance to students and families as they navigate crisis and emergency situations. To encourage the growth and empowerment of students on campus, Ms. Molina has collaborated with La Casa to offer La Casa Teen Group to ICA students.  The group covers topics such as school/life/work balance, unhealthy vs healthy coping strategies, effective communication, healthy vs unhealthy relationships, and so much more.  La Casa teen group provides an opportunity for students to grow in their social and emotional learning  as they discuss interesting topics while having lunch with your peers in a group setting.  It gives young women on campus at ICA Cristo Rey the opportunity to connect as a community.
Our Personal Counselor also provides opportunities to the entire student body to learn and benefit through the guest speakers she invites.