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How it Works

Please note: the following best applies to situations pre-pandemic. We have adapted to remote work now, but as it will not always be the case we wanted to explain a "normal" scenario.

The Corporate Work Study Program is an integral part of all Cristo Rey high schools. This program provides employment for students at local corporate offices. ICA Cristo Rey’s corporate work study program engages with sponsors throughout the Bay Area (northern peninsula, San Francisco, and BART accessible East Bay). The money earned through this program offsets a significant portion of each student’s cost of education, enabling the school to lower its tuition significantly.

This program places students in entry-level, clerical positions.
  • Sponsor organizations work in a number of industries including healthcare, financial services, legal and media, among others.
A team of four ICA Cristo Rey students shares one full-time job.
  • Students rotate their schedules, each working five full days every four weeks. Academic schedules are structured so that students never miss class.
Sponsors contract directly with ICA Cristo Rey
  • Sponsors thereby avoid the administrative and financial overhead of direct employment. In addition, the school transports each student to and from the worksite.


The program personnel at ICA Cristo Rey effectively co-supervise student workers with sponsors. This co-supervision facilitates compliance with program policies and procedures including dress code, professionalism, attendance and punctuality, as well as performance expectations and reviews.

A non-pandemic ICA Cristo Rey Work Study Job Schedule
graphics explaining Monday Seniors, Tuesday Junior, Wednesday Frosh, Thursday Sophomores and Friday students rotate