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Corporate Work Study Program

Located in San Francisco’s Mission District, ICA Cristo Rey Academy is an all-girls college preparatory private school educating students from underserved communities since 1883. ICA Cristo Rey not only delivers a rigorous academic curriculum that prepares students for college but through our Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) students receive real-world work experience at local Bay Area companies.

CWSP Benefits the students
  • Students are placed in positions from multiple industries and career pathways to explore opportunities
  • Students develop necessary and marketable skills to be ready to fully participate in a diverse workforce.
  • Students are fostered in a network of supportive mentors and professional contacts
CWSP Benefits the Partners
  • Work with skilled workers with current in-demand technical skills as well as professional skills
  • Value add to team workflow as students take on administrative tasks
  • Develop a pipeline of strong, diverse, and talented women ready to lead
Students are now on-site and remote prepared! As education and work shifted our students have had experience with remote work and professional training. We currently have students working in positions both at partner worksites remotely. 
Ready to learn more? Join us in this opportunity to develop the next generation of women leaders.
Industries and types of work our students have supported companies with
Administrative Duties 
  • Preparing letters and composing emails to clients
  • Sorting and Distributing newspapers, public transportation passes, and mail to employees
  • Creating letter templates for correspondence to clients, summarizing received letter content
  • Making announcement slides for TV monitors
  • Receptionist duties
  • Scanning documents
  • Preparing gift bags and giveaway baskets for corporate events
  • Organizing files and databases
  • Transferring information to electronic formats
  • Processing insurance verification claims, proofreading and mailing enrollment letters to employees and clients
  • Maintaining facilities, lighting, conference rooms, and bathroom supplies
  • Scanning documents and reporting credits, withdrawals, and declined transactions
Data Management
  • Preparing excel spreadsheets to monitor and track matching gift programs for annual funds and initiatives, tracking and indexing credit card statements
  • Uploading scanned invoices and documents onto CRM
  • Documenting, organizing, and updating customer account information and payments
Data, Reports, and Transactions 
  • Updating client summary lead sheets for financial automated control testing reports
  • Separating and posting checks into CRM database, transferring data
  • Reviewing bank statements and credit reports for routine account security purposes
  • Collecting historical data for compliance records
  • Preparing account schedules
  • Reviewing revenue accounts for specified companies
  • Completing weekly acquisition screening
  • Preparing limited practice lists into Excel
Banking Management
  • Organizing deposit and withdrawal slips, filing bank statement receipts
  • Making trial verification deposit balances in client accounts to confirm accounts
  • Scanning and indexing transaction and exit tickets
  • Creating excel sheets detailing bank statements, reviewing customer statement accounts, and extracting closed account information from CRM
  • Activating and deactivating customer accounts, separating active from dormant and inactive accounts
  • Researching and confirming settlement dates on annuities, reviewing certificate renewals
  • Preparing stock investment summaries, researching stock values
Administrative duties
  • Preparing letters and composing emails to clients; sorting, distributing, stamping, sealing, and filing mail
  • Copying documents and materials for board meetings, setting up conference spaces
  • Sorting correspondence
Screening, recruiting, and talent acquisition
  • Researching potential candidates on LinkedIn
  • Creating and preparing folders and merchandise for network events
  • Scanning and organizing recruitment documents
  • Making phone calls to new hires for orientation and registration, scheduling calendar events
  • Preparing Excel Spreadsheets and reviewing new hire profiles
  • Sourcing resumes
Training and operations
  • Assisting with office demonstrations and training
  • Creating packets and materials for new employee hires, tabbing, organizing, and archiving files
  • Preparing staffing materials
Employee relations management
  • Making phone calls to verify employment and termination dates, filing active and terminated employee reports
  • Preparing and sending greetings cards to employees and customers
  • Conducting beneficiary and worker compensation audits, setting up incident report files
  • Properly disposing of sensitive and/or outdated documents and materials
  • Verifying and mailing payroll checks to employees
  • Transcribing exit interviews for employees
  • Updating and formatting lists of new hires and terminated employees on excel spreadsheets
  • Verifying and preparing Paid Time Off tracking (PTO) spreadsheets in Excel
  • Updating employee policy manuals
Administrative duties 
  • Preparing letters and composing emails to clients
  • Maintaining schedules for appointment rooms and preparing rooms for meetings
  • Assisting with event planning, setting up and tidying offices and event space, booking reservations
  • Stamping and labeling contracts, faxing supply orders
  • Entering, filing, and updating invoices in CRM
  • Make and sort personnel keys
  • Tracking auto mileage usage of employees
File data and management 
  • Preparing letters and composing emails to clients; sorting, distributing, stamping, sealing, and filing mail
  • Transferring client data into new online CRM
  • Copying, sorting, scanning documents
  • Filing documents, interviews, reports, depositions, and invoices
  • Updating expert database in Excel
  • Converting paper files into electronic files
  • Updating client guideline memos, creating invoice tracking sheets in Excel
  • Redacting indicated sensitive and privileged data/documents
Case support
  • Lookup court docket information
  • Attending discovery meetings and preparing evidence lists
  • Sorting and organizing evidence for the preparation of court summaries
  • Hand delivering motions and correspondence
  • Retrieving and preparing files for trial, labeling exhibit, hole punching submissions
  • Preparing prospective and client case files
  • Verifying the status of patent applications
  • Preparing synopses for summary reports
  • Preparing trial books for cases
  • Preparing case reviews for discovery packets
  • Confirming and noting court orders, gathering information to create subpoenas
Department communications
  • Assisting with the preparation of the diversity and inclusion newsletter
  • Create social media posts and graphics for firm advertisements
Data and Source tracking 
  • Monitoring and printing expense reports, completing Excel projects (invoicing, graphs, updating analytics, etc.)
  • Entering data into CRM, analyzing data for sales team, preparing “Economic Wins” reports for meeting preparation
Product/strategy management
  • Updating and editing memos
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations
  • Researching proposals and press releases, drafting summaries for upcoming events, creating content for presentations
  • Preparing deliverable reports for managers
  • Preparing and updating data in excel, matching data cells from data sources using Vlookup commands
  • Creating and posting blogs and social media posts including video
  • Preparing customer mailings and brochures, updating sponsors on marketing data
  • Creating infographics for events and assisting with the promotion of events
  • Traveling to local client meetings and assisting team members with marketing objectives
Administrative duties 
  • Making name tags and tent cards for meetings, events, and receptions
  • Copying agendas and documents for board meetings
  • Converting hard files into electronic files
  • Preparing letters and composing emails
Administrative duties 
  • Covering receptionist duties and greeting customers/clients
  • Providing customer service in person and/or over the phone
  • Preparing letters and composing emails to current and prospective clients; sorting, distributing, stamping, sealing, and filing mail
  • Preparing and editing letters for client mailings, creating and maintaining client correspondence lists
  • Scanning, processing, alphabetizing, managing, and mailing invoices; completing purchase orders, filing billing information in CRM
  • Collecting sales checks and inputting information into Excel, posting payments
  • Creating new customer/client information packets
  • Downloading title surveys, commitment agreements, and policies for real estate properties
  • Filing work orders in numerical and alphabetical order
  • Editing and converting PDF documents
  • Drafting letters for Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC) renewal accounts
  • Sorting files and organizing invoice codes
  • Creating and binding pitch books, dismantling presentation books
Customer Sales
  • Preparing PowerPoint presentations for community events
  • Inputting settlement dates into Excel, shadowing and assisting with property tours
  • Contacting prospective tenants through LinkedIn
  • Emailing listing agents, presenting customers with closing instructions, making phone calls to Home Owner Associations (HOA)
  • Filing contract certifications
  • Consolidating and recording deliverables in shared files
  • Imaging deed packages, entering data into Mortgage Maestro
  • Assisting with event planning
  • Researching competitor markets, preparing charts and graphical representations in Excel
  • Creating and updating mailing list for patient correspondence, filing documents alphabetically, updating employee calendars
  • Making hospital beds and patient bags
  • Assisting with general duties in various departments: including Emergency Room, Labor and Delivery, and Cardiology, Facilities, IT, and Customer support
  • Assisting physicians, nurses, and technicians in the retrieval of tools and equipment
  • Assist with checking-in patients and transporting patients within hospital grounds
  • Filing patient documents, monitoring patient charts, calling patients to confirm appointments
  • Assisting with the preparation of living wills and powers of attorney
  • Creating orientation packets for incoming residents, helping set up curriculums for residents and staff
  • Researching medical conditions for residents and physicians
  • Reviewing drug information for patients
  • Scanning documents and invoices
  • Labeling and cleaning incubators, surgical instruments, and equipment
  • Assisting with opioid compliance and vaccination documentation
  • Assisting with fundraising initiatives and researching grants
  • Participating and preparing activities for patients and families, such as bingo, arts and crafts, and trivia games.
  • Keeping waiting rooms comfortable for community members
  • Preparing letters and composing emails to parents and alumni; sorting, distributing, stamping, sealing, and filing mail
  • Preparing students for standardized testing
  • Grading tests and homework, marking attendance
  • Mentoring, assisting, and engaging students; supervising recess
  • Delivering flyers and informational packets, creating reference resources
  • Managing report cards, organizing homework, filing graded assignments
  • Assisting with lesson planning, proctoring exams, and program management
  • Attending seminars, creating writing submissions and blogs
  • Managing social media campaigns and creating posters and templates for events
  • Creating a list of student award nominees
  • Managing academic and supervisor calendars
  • Making calls to alumni to check-in and ask for contributions
  • Tidying, cleaning, and replenishing classrooms with supplies
  • Preparing Excel documents with student information