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Join Our Partnership: Empower Students through the CWS Program and Ignite Non-profit Impact!

The path to a brighter future starts with your support as a CWS Sponsor. By investing in a student's opportunity to work at a corporation or nonprofit, you're opening doors to endless possibilities!

The heart of our commitment lies in the Corporate Work Study's dedication to securing valuable and perfectly matched work placements for each student annually. Around 15% of these placements are within nonprofit organizations, offering students a unique chance to delve into fields such as education, youth development, social work, the arts, and healthcare. This experience not only aligns with ICA Cristo Rey's values of community service and social justice but also sets them on a path of purposeful exploration.

However, we can't do it alone. Many of our cherished nonprofit CWS Partners are unable to cover the complete program fee required to host CWS student workers. That's where your generosity comes in! By making a yearly tax-deductible contribution of $10,000, you'll enable a student to be placed with a nonprofit CWS Partner for an entire academic year. Your support bridges the financial gap and transforms lives, providing a student with an experience that can shape their future trajectory.

Stand with us in making a lasting impact. ICA San Francisco Work Study Inc., a secular 501(c)(3) organization based in San Francisco, CA (EIN: 26-4450576), welcomes your partnership. For further details, please complete the form below and a Corporate Work Study team member will be in touch. Together, let's empower students and amplify the influence of nonprofits in our community.


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