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How it works

Nationally, Cristo Rey Network Schools are changing the face of urban education in the United States by partnering with more than 3,200 businesses and serving 12,000+ students. Cristo Rey schools are the only high schools in the country that integrate four years of rigorous college preparatory academics with four years of professional work experience through the CWS.

Each participating organization pays $40,000 a school year for a full-time equivalent position. The funds go directly to the school to offset tuition costs and keep student-family costs affordable.

Four students job-share one full-time position, rotating each day of the week. Students are given hands-on training, and are insured and transported to work by ICA Cristo Rey.

CWS Benefits the Students

  • Increased self-esteem and confidence  

  • Enhanced work ethic, motivation, curiosity and critical thinking skills  

  • Students are placed in positions from multiple industries and career pathways to explore opportunities

  • Students develop necessary and marketable skills to be ready to participate in a diverse workforce

  • Students are nurtured in a network of supportive mentors and professional contacts

  • Growing awareness between a student’s academics, future education goals and career planning 

CWS Benefits the Partners

  • Energetic, tech-savvy, young talent
  • Engage with young staff developing in-demand technical and professional skills
  • Add value to your teams’ workflows while empowering young women
  • Knowing that they are engaged in path-changing work by mentoring students who would not have this opportunity without capable, willing supervisors 
  • Develop a pipeline of strong, diverse, and talented women

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